Whimsical Weddings

We’re Concrete 
From $190
Pure as White
 From $190
being vulnerable 
 From $420

Ikebana Botany

Enchanted Garden
From $200
Sugar Plum Fairy
From $110
Splash pop 
From $190

Oil Paint Artistry

Cherry blossoms
From $110
Floral Stained-Glass 
from $190
Peranakan ware
From $100

Rags to Riches (Masculine Series)

lil’ pleasures
from $110
Slumdog millionaire
from $120
 from $200

Industrial Geometry

Geometric wonders
from $210
carved Marble
From $95
electric Architech
From $220
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Dear cake lovers, please take note that all prices listed here are not inclusive of any customised name cake topper or balloon toppers. Prices listed are based on the smallest size in that series (1,2,3 tiers). Have a great time picking your cake. We’ll chat soon!

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