a slice of life

A Slice of Life also known now as ASOL.SG was started in 05 AUG 2017 by Valerie.

Before her 21st birthday cake, Valerie tried countless of times to bake for others, at best the cake was just edible… mundane, nothing incredible.

During her 21st birthday, she was suddenly blessed with this gift to bake her first 2 tiered cake. It was surprising for everyone because just a month back she could not even handle the simplest chocolate cake for her mum.

One night, Valerie had a huge conviction in her heart to start a bakery, initially, she named it Floatersbakes but God told her, “No, name it A Slice of Life!” He said. Revealing to Valerie that He wanted her to use this bakery to create cakes that impact other’s lives. Birthdays, Weddings, Celebratory moments are slices of our life. Even though they do not last but they can be impactful to someone’s life. Hence we want to use this chance to be blessing to others.

So Valerie changed the name of her online bakery. God put a vision in her, to bake for the poor. Those who did not have the luxury of having a birthday cake, those who feel alone, those who need warmth, need a friend.

So for a start, ASOL.SG started as a online bakery to inspire others to bake as well as spreading encouraging words from God so that those we are feeling weary, feeling lonely will be reminded of God’s love and God’s presence. 

” I remember  once when I had no idea how to create waves on the side of a cake, I prayed and God came into my dreams and showed me how to do it” Because it was so vivid and it was so intriguing I woke up remembering how to do it. So I turned that dream into reality.” -Valerie

In ASOL, we pray for our customers, pray for our cakes to bless our customers with good health. We pray that these gatherings around our cakes will reunite people, restore broken relationships and create new relationships.

Remembering the fact that Valerie was not a good baker having baked so often for 3 years out of her own passion for baking. ASOL.SG exists purely by God’s strength and God’s will. So every cake is inspired by Him and we believe that we can slowly move towards fulfilling the dream of baking for the poor and needy, impacting lives, healing souls.

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