Our Story

Let's Begin

A Slice of Life was started on August 2017 by our founder, Valerie Puah.

During her 21st birthday, Valerie decided to bake her own cake and it all begin then. She didn’t know what to expect and her parents constantly offered to order a cake because they knew she couldn’t bake. That’s because in that same year, she screwed up even the simplest Matcha cake intended for her mum’s birthday.

It was truly exhilarating when God blessed her with the talent to bake and design after she turned 21. She started using cakes as her canvas and the spatula, her paint brush.

We turn cakes into art pieces which represents every person’s unique character. Cakes here are sold as art pieces. Valerie hopes to create a platform to connect everyone with an interest in baking.

” I remember  once when I had no idea how to create waves on the side of a cake, I prayed and I through my dreams I had a vision of how to do it. It was so vivid that I woke up remembering how to do it. So I turned that God given dream into reality.” -Valerie

Over here, cake has a deeper meaning for us. It gathers, it bonds, and we pray that it restores broken relationships through the gathering that comes along with it. We bless our customers and we hope to give them more than what they gave.

A Slice of Life is a calling from God, for what bigger things it will do, may all glory be to God. Eventually we want this community to impact lives, heal souls.

If you want to be part of this amazing movement, join ASOL Bake Fam! We are excited to have you as part of our family!

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